Conversion Leads

What You Get From this Site:

This is your chance to be a hero, both to the customer and your accountant.

Less Competition

Say goodbye to competition from banks and credit unions. The majority of credit-challenged car buyers are intimidated by the narrow mindset of banks, distrusting of traditional financial systems, or upset with big institutions due to the credit crisis.
Financing from the major auto makers dries up a bit, too. You are no longer up against the zero point nothing percent interest rates from manufacturers.
Most local dealers haven’t awakened to the opportunities presented by our broken economy, so they remove themselves from competition for special financing buyers. (Don’t let this be you!)

High Conversion Leads

Drivers with credit challenges are highly motivated leads because they have a need strong enough to get them past their embarrassment and they have limited options.
As a dealership that considerately serves the credit-challenged shopper, we confidently position your location as the local solution to their auto problems. We put drivers at ease and give them enough courage that they will risk filling out the contact form without shame or disappointment.
When you provide funding to buyers who can’t find it elsewhere, they are only able to shop at your showroom. Suddenly, the odds of closing a deal look pretty good.

Loyal Drivers and Community Ambassadors

People want to trust someone real. This can be you. You are the face they see in the community. You are accessible. You have the power to communicate well with drivers regarding their delicate matter of challenging credit.
These leads know they will have to pay more for a car, they just need someone to give them a chance. When you have no-hassle processes, set practical expectations, and treat them like a VIP they will remember that you did your best for them in their time of need.
This changes the transaction from getting ripped off at Main Street Motors to becoming a lifetime member of the Main Street Motors family.
It also changes the conversation online and in the grocery line. When goodwill comes standard with your special financing sales you’ve created another upward spiral of success. More and more people are saying good things about your team.

More Profitable Employees

When your staff is closing deals instead of drinking coffee, a number of things happen.
As sales people earn more, they feel better, and they are likely to stay with your dealership longer. This allows them to build repeat business from the original lead, and traditional traffic, so as vehicles wear out or new features entice drivers back a strong relationship already exists.
Properly managed, an uptick in showroom morale can easily spread to the service bays and back offices as well.
It also keeps the support teams like human resources happy. Fewer turnovers mean a reduction in expensive personnel headaches like advertising open positions, recruiting, interviews, paperwork, training, bad hires, and clothing (hats, logo shirts, etc.).
When you are making more money and saving more money, it can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

More Profit Per Purchase

Of course, when you sell more cars you make more money. The transaction fees are just the tip of the iceberg.
It is essential to your long term success and standing in the community to treat each buyer ethically, but, it is a simple fact that a person with limited options has less leverage when bargaining on the price of the vehicle.
When mind deals are in the rear view mirror and your bogue turns into a buyer, the interest rate also rises. Significantly.
Using a 48 month used car loan for $12,000 as an example:
* Above 720: around 3.5% interest, totaling $862
* A 620 score: near 12% interest, totaling $3,314
* A 520 score: almost 20% interest, totaling $5,469
* Worse: More!
Want to play with some numbers to see how they shake out in your area of the country? Go to and choose a car loan from the list in box one and your region in box two. The actual amount of the loan goes in box three.
Aside from a very bright future, keep reading to learn more about what you get from your exclusive local lead site.