How It Works

How To Gather Car Shopper Leads While You Sleep

Would your dealership like to sell more cars and make more profit from each one? With your exclusive special finance website, you don’t need a lead generating company; you are a lead generating company!

How Your Lead Generating Website Works

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Your car shopper special financing website will be working for you 24/7.

  1. The buyer searches online for auto financing in their town
  2. The buyer likes your dealership’s friendly and professional site
  3. The buyer submits the short online form
  4. The buyer’s private data is securely stored
  5. An email goes to the dealership to notify them of a lead
  6. The dealership promptly calls the buyer, while they are motivated
  7. The dealership approves the loan and sets the interest rate and terms
  8. The buyer is approved at the dealership, so they come choose a vehicle
  9. The dealership sells the car and processes the transaction with alien
  10. The dealership collects the payments
  11. If desired, the dealership reports to the credit unions. (Recommended. This motivates buyers to pay on time and rebuild their credit score.)

A Credit-Challenged Buyer Is a Motivated Buyer

How would you like to show up to work in the morning and have a stack of emails from motivated buyers asking you to call them as soon as possible?

A person with less than stellar credit only asks for financing when they really need it. They are risking exposure, shame, and rejection. They are not testing the waters; they are looking for a lifeline. It can be you.

When you treat no credit and poor credit buyers with respect, you also earn their respect. Every car dealership on the planet is looking for more raving fans. It doesn’t matter if you sell new or used vehicles. It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small. It doesn’t matter if your market is large or small. More sales with more profit is more money.

Bad credit loans and no credit loans look at the past while profitable dealerships look to special financing as the future. As a confident and forward-looking dealership, you recognize that when a driver has a job and needs a reliable vehicle then the best place for them to be is in your car lot.

It’s A Simple Choice

Take your business to the next level with more leads and more lucrative transactions.

  1. When your dealership offers credit-challenged drivers an opportunity at a no-hassle car finance transaction then getting car leads online is suddenly simple.
  2. Buyers come in with confidence and shopping becomes simple.
  3. Salespeople have buyers with approved financing and their job is simple.
  4. As the rainmaker, you have happy shoppers, happy staff, and a happy accountant; you realize that getting your feet on the floor in the morning is pretty simple, too!

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