Lead Site Results

What Sets Auto Lead Sites Above The Crowd

Not all special finance auto leads companies are the same. We rise above by providing results.
1. Our sites will generate and capture exclusive high quality organic leads from online car shoppers

Drivers with credit challenges are highly motivated leads because they have a need and limited options. Your site is engineered to capture both their interest and their data. The simple form is not intimidating and keeps hope alive.

2. Dealerships only get real-time leads

You may have the best auto site on the planet for inventory, but we bring you the best leads: motivated special finance car buyers. Our proven process delivers each lead to you immediately. This allows you to act while the urgency is at its peak. It also reinforces the feeling that you care and you can accomplish the task at hand.

3. Your auto shopper leads are never sold, shared, or resent

Some subprime auto leads companies will gather prospects and distribute them to a whole list of dealerships who have subscribed to their service. This not only adds to the competition for the buyer on the dealership side, but it is distressing for the buyer who is suddenly inundated with pushy sales people. We send you the lead. Period.

4. Only one dealership within 50 miles will have one of our sites

There is enough competition in the automotive industry without us adding to your worries. We will give you, and only you, the unfair advantage of being the top auto lead company for special finance auto loans in the region. In fact, if you are uncertain, this alone is enough reason to act. Just jump in to block your competition now. We will dazzle you with leads soon enough.

5. We optimize your special financing lead site for your geographic marketplace

We custom craft your site to attract local Internet car shoppers with special financing needs. Drivers within 50 miles of your dealership can easily find you. Your reputation in the community will let them know you have the power to turn their hopes into reality.

6. We position you as the solution

As a dealership that truly has as Second Chance Financing program and truly cares about the situation of a credit-challenged shopper, we confidently position your auto dealership as the solution to their problems. We put drivers at ease and give them enough courage that they will risk filling out the form without shame or disappointment. You are the hero in this story.

7. Your inventory closes the deal

If your buyer needs a van for four children and two dogs, the cutest convertible on the planet won’t get everyone to the campground in one trip. Your larger inventory of new and used cars and trucks provides the selection shoppers need to choose a vehicle that meets their needs.

8. Your lead generating site delivered in a week

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in technology, marketing, and the automotive industry. We know what works and we quickly engineer your quality site to draw attention from search engines, shoppers, and your very impressed accountant.

9. No long term commitment required

There’s no contract. We at AutoLeadsSites.com are committed to a long term relationship with you, but if you have sold all the cars on your lot and you just want to collect the interest from all those special finance loans from a warm beach, just give us 30 days notice that you are done. A postcard from someplace sunny is optional, but welcomed by our hard working staff.

10. We have a 100% money back guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don’t sell any cars with a lead from your special financing lead generating website within any month, then that month is free. We will give you your money back.
That’s just the beginning. Your site is affordable and reliable, our service is amazing… we could go on, but, now is the time for action.
If you are ready to get started now there is a short form and you will have your site in a week. If you want to learn more, take a look around or let us know how to reach you so we can answer all of your questions.