What You Get

What You Get From Us

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50 Mile Radius

We build your website to draw poor credit and no credit buyers within a fifty mile radius of your location. Since any other dealer would receive the same promise, that hundred-mile gap between showrooms places you firmly in the driver’s seat for your region.

Lead Generating Website

We custom-craft a high conversion special financing website to capture local leads at a surprisingly affordable price. We will deliver it to you in as little as 10 days.

Fresh Local Content + Social Media

We publish four articles per month to your site generating additional page views and regional keywords, since search engines and auto shoppers both place a premium on fresh local content.
Did you know that social media links influence search engine results? We will add to your efforts with a social media post of our own.

Email + Phone

The exclusive local leads from the form on your website are delivered to email address of your choosing, in real time so you can contact them while they are hot.
Some car shoppers happily research online, but would rather talk to you directly instead of submitting a form. Your special auto financing toll-free phone number allows prospects direct and immediate contact with your team while their interest is high.

Quote for Multiple Locations

If you have more than one location, just let us know and we can set up additional lead pipelines to keep the flow of profits going in the right direction.
No Contract
We are so confident that you will love your leads that there is no long-term contract for your site. You are billed monthly, so, just give us a 30 day warning if you ever want to stop.
While we don’t guarantee a specific number of leads per month, we do guarantee a sale!
Since most of our clients sell 12-30 cars per month we don’t think this will happen, but, if you don’t sell a vehicle from one of our leads in a given month, just let us know and we will refund your payment for that month.
Okay, What Now?

Sign Up Before It’s Gone

Since we’ve promised one dealer per 50 mile radius, and we are people of our word, our hands are tied once the competition gobbles up your region. The time for action is now.
Go to http://autoleadssites.com/get-leads. Fill out the short form and we will shift your drive to success into overdrive.
While we are engineering your special financing online system, we encourage you take a fresh look at internal systems to optimize your return on investment when the hot new leads arrive.

Polishing Processes

Being a pro-active and successful dealership, you are already running a well-oiled money-making machine, but remember, even the finest race cars take practice laps to warm up their tires before each new race.
Do you have several Special Financing lenders to cover each type of loan? Working with just one or two wrenches in your toolbox may get the job done, but, it takes longer and is more stressful.
Expecting a special finance sale almost daily, how can you fine tune your workflow to make it easy enough to be an Indy race instead of a demolition derby?

Revving Up Your Staff

Depending on your current level of second chance loan activity this can be quite a mind shift for your team. Everyone from the owner to the lot attendant needs to be racing in the right direction.
Aside from covering the duty schedule and removing any speed bumps from your phone scripts, do a complete overhaul on attitudes. Upgrade your profitability by taking the emotional IQ of your team to the next level. No negative labels for people or processes. Your get me done buyer has just become the star of the show.
Consider contests to include everyone from your facility. If a mechanic has to deliver bad news about a transmission replacement and the driver panics, he should be able to walk the prospect across the hall and get a reward.
Make a big deal out of your exciting new opportunity! A big part of this is training. Your team should understand the profit proposition and how to find the finish line.
Oh, one more thing: prepare some shelf space for trophies!