Custom Lead Sites

Why Every Dealership Needs a Custom Lead Site

These days, the best location for your dealership is more than the busiest corner in town. It is also online, at the intersection of interest and convenience. Don’t let opportunity pass you by!
It’s no secret that we live in a connected generation. People seem to be glued to computers and smart phones. What may come as a surprise, however, is that ninety percent of drivers shop online before making a purchase and over half of them will need special financing due to credit issues. Your own custom car lead site can bring a steady stream of car buyer leads right to your email box.

Auto Lead Providers Are Not Created Equal

Any special finance website permits credit-challenged buyers to reach out for help from the safety of their own comfort zone. This is a good start, but when you have a custom auto lead website they have already seen your branding.  With a custom site, buyers have already decided that they are willing to work with you. That moves someone from a warm auto lead to a hot auto lead.
Your reputation as a innovator in the community draws buyers to a greater degree than some generic site they would have a hard time trusting.
As you respond to this opportunity with helpful information and a positive attitude you are building a relationship with the hot lead much more rapidly than you would have as a random caller from a generic site where shoppers are on guard for danger.
Your reputation leads the way and your excellence after the lead is submitted gets you to the goal that much faster.

Auto Lead Websites Are Not Created Equal

Because your custom website is all about how you can help, by its nature it carries your name and location. When people search for vehicles or automotive financing in the area, this is another opportunity for shoppers of all credit ratings to see your name in search engine results. This is a good thing, even if it means you get more clicks on your showroom site.
Now, instead of choosing between you and the competition the options become your showroom site, your financing site, or the competition. You have already begun to stack the odds in your favor!
Even if someone manages to do their vehicle research online, but is reluctant to provide their contact information online, they would still be more likely to come in to your dealership than before. They can shop in person because now they know that they are welcome. Car shopping with bad credit can be embarrassing, but when they realize you have special financing programs to support their goals they can come with confidence that they are going to helped, not shamed.

Opportunity Comes With An Expiration Date

Because we are protective of our clients, there is only one site like this within 50 miles of your dealership. Is it going to be yours, or your competitors?
Let’s talk about giving you an unfair advantage – before it’s gone!